Website Review

The National Dropout Prevention Center/Network ( NDPC/N) is a site devoted to the prevention of high school dropouts. It is a national resource developed at Clemson University in 1986 to increase the graduation rate across America’s schools. The site has become a platform for meaningful discussions on strategies to aid in the dropout crisis. It is collaborative effort amongst national, state, and local agencies, as well as parents, students, educators, and community partners.
The www.dropoutprevention.org site is indeed an authority on the subject of dropout prevention. The resource is reliable and respected throughout the educational world. Supported by both state and local education agencies, it originated from Clemson University. All of the pertinent contact information is included and easily accessible. There is a convenient link to contact the site directly.
The purpose of Drop out Prevention is to utilize research based solutions to aid in the prevention of high school drop outs. Evidenced in the name, the site is dedicated to increasing the graduation rate across America. The links are easily navigated and appropriate to the topic. The site includes active research projects, professional development activities, journals, publications, and updated web casts all geared towards student success. The site is kept current through daily and weekly web casts on topics related to the subject.
The site does claim to have extensive coverage. There are indeed many resources and a wealth of information accessible from the site for visitors. However, there is also a place where one can become a member of the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network. It appeals to educators and other professionals interested and directly related to the topic. Upon membership, ranging from $45 to $195, one will gain access to a variety of materials. These resources and materials include journals and newsletters with the most up-to-date and current research available. Without these memberships, many journals and books are not accessible.
The site is kept current. The web casts are presented often and address current issues on the subject. Because the problem of student’s not completing high school has been an issue from the inception of schools, the site is timeless in its subject matter. However, as time progresses the world issues that affect the drop out rate change. This site addresses both.
Because the site provides a variety of resources and authorities on the subject, the objectivity is kept. The collaboration between professionals, agencies, and individuals, allow this to occur. In addition, The NDPC/N conducts many third party evaluations and program assessments and reviews.
The accuracy of the site is solid. With Clemson University supporting the format, and the professionals and agencies involved, the information is reliable. Proper references are given and the information is well written.
Overall, this is an effective site for those searching for information on the prevention of students dropping out of high school. For members of the NDPC/N it is a much better value, but can be a resource for others as well. I would reccommend this site to others interested in the topic. We must raise the graduation rate in this country, and to do that we must identify the problems and issues associated with dropping out. This site is a valuable place to begin.